How To Host A Tupperware Party

How To Host A Tupperware Party

It is a well-known fact that majority of the woman at one point in their life would be invited to a Tupperware party. For those individuals who are unaware of this type of party, this is where the host invites various friends and family members to their house in order to view a range of Tupperware products. Thereafter, if the guests purchase any of these products that are displayed at this party the host would then be presented with a commission based on the number of sales that they manage to accomplish. If this sounds like the perfect setup for you then you should be aware of several steps that you need to accomplish in order to throw a successful Tupperware party. Thus, to assist these interested readers the following article will explore what these steps are.

One should follow the following steps after they have contracted with a company to sell Tupperware products.


If one was not aware then they should know that these parties are only held within the confinements of one’s home. Therefore, there is no need to explore outside venue options. 


Although, there are no limitations to the number of guests one can invite many hosts opt to invite their close friends, neighbors and even family members. Furthermore, in most instances these parties are considered to be a girl’s night, therefore, one can encourage their guests to invite female guests as well because this would then help you to potentially increase the number of sales. Go here  for more information about kitchen shop online. 

Food & Drinks

As I mentioned before in most instances these parties are considered to be a girl’s night with some business mixed in. Therefore, the host should opt to serve wine which means that they should have enough and more red wine glasses on hand. Furthermore, one can even opt to make cocktails in order to create a relaxed ambiance in order to encourage the guests to purchase Tupperware products.

When thinking about food ordinarily the host would serve the guest finger food such as tortilla chips, tacos etc. But, one can also opt to host a potluck dinner where they can encourage the guests to bring one dish each when they come to the party. Therefore, one would then have a variety of dishes such as salads, cast iron casserole dish and even deserts and the host would be able to focus on selling Tupperware products.
Ultimately one should make sure that the commission they receive is more than the money they would spend hosting the event because otherwise, they would not make a profit.

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